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The Next Generation of Metalworking Fluids

Defining the Leading Edge

Qualichem is committed to pursuing advances in fluid technology.
Innovation is the key.

QualiChem’s XTREME series of premium metalworking fluids have been formulated to overcome the problems that often occur with high pressure fluid delivery systems.  These fluids are designed to:

  • Eliminate foaming
  • Minimize downtime and maximize productivity
  • Improve surface finish and over-all part quality
  • Extend tool life
  • Reduce coolant usage by 25 – 60%





Cutting Edge Technology: NuSol®

Chemtool Incorporated Crystal Lake, Illinois has introduced a new innovative line of metalworking fluids under the brand name NUSOL®. Going beyond the chemistry, Chemtool brings to the forefront a product formulated and manufactured using patent pending technology never before seen in the metalworking arena.


Designed to meet the ever increasing demands of high performance manufacturing, NUSOL® looks to meet all your performance needs.NUSOL® has surpassed the rigorous testing of our most demanding customers.

With the benefits listed below you can see why NUSOL® is forging ahead as one of the most successful metalworking technologies in years.


  • A product that eliminates VOCs and drastically cuts down on mist
  • A product that rejects tramp oil like no other
  • Acts like a synthetic without the stickiness or lubricity limitations
  • Completely free of sulfonate, amide, or other ¨chemical¨ emulsifiers leading to the most biologically stable fluid ever designed. This is all achieved by the patent pending blending process.
  • Hard water stable in excess of 100 grains without sacrificing corrosion protection or emulsion stability
  • Highly stable pH and reserve alkalinity ensuring worker acceptability (will not go rancid)

All metal safe will not stain even the most sensitive aluminum or magnesium alloys.

NUSOL Brochure


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