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TRADEMARK OIL is partnered with H.L. Blachford Ltd. Blachford is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of stamping lubricants and specialty chemicals for the metal forming industries.

We supply a vast range of products for the stamping and forming of steel and aluminum, from emulsions to full solution synthetics. In addition to our line of automotive-approved products, we offer custom formulations for specific applications.

Our flagship offering is the Chemdraw® series of "no-wash" synthetic stamping lubricants. For many stamping applications, these specially designed lubricants provide robust lubricity and require no washing after parts are stamped.  This saves parts producers high processing costs related to washing parts.

Some of the proven benefits from Blachford stamping lubes are:

• Maximum deformation
• Greater reductions
• Less scrap and rejects
• Improved surface quality
• Easy to clean
• Stamping Lubricants
• Drawing Compounds
• Blank Washing
• Vanishing Oils
• Tube Bending Lubricant


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